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posted on Fri, Oct 10, 2014

Happy Halloween & Redeem Halloween Packages !

While the year is slowly coming to an end, and nights are getting longer and colder, the dark forces are preparing to send one of their cruellest and most malevolent spirits to frighten all Xerazx-OTS warriors. Now Xerazx-OTS Lands are threatened by the dark forces, keep an eye on "The ... Learn More.

posted on Thu, Sep 09, 2014

Major Update - Summer 2014

Hey Xerazains, Welcome to Xerazx-OTS Summer 2014 Update. This update is a result of your feedback also a continuous and extensive effort we putted into the server for the last few months, it will look pretty big news article but it could not be optimized more than this due to the variety of the ... Learn More.

posted on Mon, Sep 09, 2014

Test Server Announcment

Hey Xerazain's, We are kindly inviting you to join the test server today as we would like to test out few features of the summer update before the official release. Today we will be mainly testing the new Hunting Ground Demonda which is for players who are 1250 Rebirth or Higher. If ... Learn More.

posted on Wed, Jul 07, 2014

PvP Improvements

Hey Xerazain's, Today we would like to introduce you our new PvP patch which is related to PvP improvements and further game play improvements, our focus is on the competitive scene and the things we can do to ensure the landscape is diverse and healthy. This have always been done towards a much ... Learn More.