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posted on Thu, Dec 12, 2014

Merry Christmas Xerazains!

Its Christmas Time! May all your dreams come true, this Christmas. May Santa Claus bring joy and luck to you. Yes, another eventful year is almost over and a new one is already waiting for all of us. With the holiday season about to start, we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you. ... Learn More.

posted on Mon, Dec 12, 2014

Say Hello to Siri!

Hey Xerazains, In a place where we don't know somebody around, we always wish if we had a friend we can rely on or even ask a tiny question. This scenario happens for all of us, whether in real life or through the Internet, it's a fact which we all have experienced before, and we might experience ... Learn More.

posted on Sun, Nov 11, 2014

Double Exp 23 - 28 November & Few Changes

Hey Xerazains, During the last month we have been actively working on improving the game engine. Together with our running development and your support for these changes to happen by bearing us with while testing, we would like to announce that we have improved the game engine and optimized it by ... Learn More.

posted on Fri, Oct 10, 2014

Happy Halloween & Redeem Halloween Packages !

While the year is slowly coming to an end, and nights are getting longer and colder, the dark forces are preparing to send one of their cruellest and most malevolent spirits to frighten all Xerazx-OTS warriors. Now Xerazx-OTS Lands are threatened by the dark forces, keep an eye on "The ... Learn More.