Character Information

Name: Echoes
Position: Player
Sex: Male
Rebirths: 1500
Marital status: Married to Gollum Jr
Vocation: Epic Elder Druid
Level: 1682475
Last login: 1 week and 2 days
Vip Status: Not Vip

Health Max
Mana Max


About Me

Created: 6 years and 11 months ago
Real Name: N/A
Flag: TR
Location N/A
Email N/a
Comment N/A


* Name Rebirth Status *
1 Echoes
Epic Elder Druid
1500 Offline View
2 Shock Blade Zed
Elite Knight
12 Offline View


3 Jul 2019Died at rebirth 1500 by Naughty Wiggler and by Rebellion.
12 Jun 2019Killed at rebirth 1500 by Crank Shaft.
17 Jan 2018Killed at rebirth 1500 by Lasse Krukhuggare and by Old Powerz.
23 Dec 2017Killed at rebirth 1500 by Scrub.
28 Aug 2017Killed at rebirth 1500 by - Alternatives -.
23 Jun 2017Killed at rebirth 1500 by Elder Afdah, Sty Les, Wany Roone and by Its D Uidzz.
5 Jun 2017Died at rebirth 1498 by drillworm.
5 Jun 2017Killed at rebirth 1498 by Its Druidzz, Mascot, Firstone, - Razor -, - Rawksars - and by Wany Roone.
25 Mar 2017Killed at rebirth 1491 by Old Powerz, - Srloly -, Xx Top One Xx and by Doctor Powerz.
25 Mar 2017Killed at rebirth 1491 by Wany Roone, Old Powerz, The Strom ED and by Doctor Powerz.

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