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  Please read before posting! CM Jean by CM Jean 0929
  Give ME My points :] Jestes Juz Mooja by Jukil 111493
  I didnt get my points with daopay or egypt donate Ohyeah by Jukil 3543
  Answer pls :D Smutasekms by Old Powerzc 1167
  Admin Da Lucky by Anjoo 1273
  Donation Firez by Firez 1308
  i didnt recive my points Dr Fluffy by Dr Fluffy 0234
  Donating Ahrek by Ahrek 0224
  explain ? Alegator by Alegator 3344
  donation Firez by CM Jean 2255
  donation Firez by Firez 0250
  GM Xerazx - Bier - by - Bier - 0291
  didnt get the points yet Firez by Firez 2276
  I Forgot To Type My Name Character Before Donating Catapain by Melaina 5322
  Egyptian Donate Sir Killerz by Sir Killerz 1313
  Billing Issue Tiraxe by Melaina 7356
  Hey !!! Sodium by Zariel 231035
  No Helpers Newz Druidzz by Zariel 3287
  read request (#7806) Da Lucky by Da Lucky 2272
  help please Gm Fast Global Strong by Old Powerz 1332
  Admin look at this Super Sad by Super Sad 8496
  Wanting to donate Shepardy by Dhavii 1307
  Can you ?! Bagaza The Loko by Bagaza The Loko 0305
  donation Highkite by Highkite 0314
  Paysafe Louis V by Dhavii 1334
  Donation Galleon by Galleon 0373
  i logged out and can't login with any account of my accounts must wait more than 2 hr Mistakee by Dhavii 1326
  Didnt recieve donate points Orianovic by Dhavii 1386
  how ??????? The Blood by Dhavii 2498
  zaypay canada? Rto Sam by GM Xerazx 1458
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