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hi agaaaaaaaaaain

Ultimate Crystal
Posts: 10
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2014-03-19 #8779
please admin that's enought to wait the points for more than 16 days and u have been said that it dosn't exceed the 24 hours so please i will give the last chance then charge the card in my mob in 48 hours so please send me the point or replay to chare it as this is not the first time to make me wait more than week so please replay or send as soon as possible
Seniour Tutor
Posts: 2176
2014-03-19 #8780
I suggest you send a email instead since they usually reply faster there.
The previous issue was that Admin had real life issues, and Im not sure if they're "fixed" yet
GM Xerazx
Posts: 541
2014-03-19 #8781
I have checked the whole delayed Egyptian payments, everybody should have received his points by now, sorry for making this last than how long it should tho.
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