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  Urgent bug!!!! Master Dudu Ll by Hortblade 798
  Xerazain items Judah by Judah 3172
  fix this shit Pro Evil-angel by Riesen 1259
  Theif Lollolaa by Lollolaa 0194
  Found Bug Deadlywarrior by Riesen 1239
  my char is bug Magma Leo by Magma Leo 0263
  !buyhouse bug Zivanbre by Quack Quack 1213
  Rich Wand? Zorkeno by Riesen 1320
  Im stuck somewhere and i want to get out Zorkeno by Riesen 1240
  spell bug Smutasekms by Riesen 2269
  Boss Bug Absolute Beast by Riesen 2307
  Leveling bug Absolute Beast by Absolute Beast 0258
  Bugged palce... Araabmuzik by Riesen 1183
  critical glitch/bug? Lavestrin Pavestrami by Riesen 5282
  Weirdest BUG EVER Zoey by Zoey 748695
  Santa Clus Where!! Messi Styes by Zoey 2363
  ots restard 3 time 2 time no msg Redemik by GM Xerazx 1401
  debug Redemik by Riesen 5387
  House Bug Bombo Da Legend by Redemik 4467
  Spells Bug Hkjt by Hkjt 0279
  Bug on super spell quest Gyyytara by Gyyytara 0271
  Crittical bug Exoudius by Melaina 1327
  Task Manager Magical Charm by GM Xerazx 1353
  You can fight players in temple, BUG! D W I by D W I 0259
  House decoration? Druidion by Panini Loves Butts 1249
  !answer only works properly in NPC channel Asian Potatos by Asian Potatos 0265
  Blocking everything Druidion by Druidion 0358
  i don't really know it's bug or what :) Old Powerzc by Old Powerzc 4337
  Little bug in chat Druidion by Dhavii 1260
  Blocking spawn Roozek by Panini Loves Butts 1309
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