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  Refer-a-Friend Fraud GM Xerazx by Melaina 183897
  Guild War Event [Improvements] CM Jean by Arisaka 195862
  [Staff] Helper Position Application! CM Jean by CM Jean 6527481
  Xerazx-OTS Will be live in The USA ! GM Xerazx by Riesen 163945
  @Old Powerz [Immune spell] Riesen by Raxso 121027
  SERVER SCAMMED ME, PROOFS IN LINK Sacred Immortal by Unknown Ghost 1450
  My account got deleted for no reason! Sacred Immortal by Sacred Immortal 1364
  Houses? Doloran by Riesen 1502
  Autoloot!? Kaizser by Melaina 1570
  Highexp 2017 Update [Thoughts] Riesen by Zoey 232882
  Highexp - Discord Crushy by Asian Potatos 41198
  Completed! Melaina by Melaina 0482
  why banished me? Genaro by Gmata 1606
  #StopTheDicebots #BringBackOldDP Miltoniusmlt by Miltoniusmlt 0519
  Playerbase solution? Miltoniusmlt by Sariel 191896
  Some changed to highexp... - Hashirama - by Sariel 3847
  Old version 8.60 Client..! Death Rush by Sariel 6785
  Forget Power Of Ed now..! Death Rush by Pieroo The Legend 191520
  1800 Pally Vocation :) !!! Death Rush by Pieroo The Legend 261859
  Must i use the custom client to play? This Means War by Dhavii 1540
  upload video R Ip by Lord Louis 1651
  Egyptian Gaming Comics Death Rush by Sir Satan 3759
  fix ur mom Newz Druidzz by Newz Druidzz 0547
  Vocation balance system - Hashirama - by Pieroo The Legend 6888
  The New ChangeLog.. Death Rush by Death Rush 7872
  The easiest way Old Powerzc by Old Powerzc 3834
  Error In Game Without Me by Without Me 0605
  Nice host Sir Satan by Sir Satan 131446
  I am in jail for no motieve Fanjoker by Melaina 1611
  mistake here - Luxex - by - Luxex - 0578
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