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  [Suggestions] For upcoming patch/Update(s). Riesen by Melaina 9309
  A few ideas Asian Potatos by Riesen 3191
  need my acc i lost my acc Blogger can u gm give me please The Legend Of Man by The Legend Of Man 0109
  what is the use being highest druid with low damage? Old Powerz by Pieroo The Legend 11469
  Balance is needed Absolute Beast by Quack Quack 21618
  the forgotten items Absolute Beast by Absolute Beast 0190
  Suggestion About [Utamo Vita]. Death Rush by Nerf 7328
  PVE is not balanced? Absolute Beast by Absolute Beast 0168
  My personal suggestion. Absolute Beast by Nerf 2251
  active staff??? Redemik by Riesen 3325
  x-mas update Redemik by Old Powerzc 1266
  Administrators R Ip by R Ip 0398
  Ot offline? Alegator by Alegator 0234
  Durability ... Bugged? Old Powerzc by Old Powerzc 3217
  Item durability - Acorn farming Alegator by Old Powerzc 5327
  Suggestion for gameplay Absolute Beast by Absolute Beast 0250
  summer 2017 Dr Fluffy by Asian Potatos 10604
  PK ABUSE Ekss by Alegator 3379
  Why i get ban? Disappearded by Melaina 1269
  Hello Guys Zariel by Zariel 4315
  Just why? Old Powerzc by Hgjghj 6487
  Halloween [EVENT] Dhavii by Arabian Herblade 241757
  Thank you staff! Dhavii by Gonyx Iv 14881
  Changes Nerf by Pieroo The Legend 13822
  Update Mister Bilx by Panini Loves Butts 5477
  Admin please Help Crazzy Wolf by Crazzy Wolf 0304
  VIP Features. Godmode by Godmode 0367
  Server is dying. Pieroo The Legend by Melaina 1495
  [Let's Talk About] Summer Update 2016 Dhavii by Dhavii 6636
  Gulliver Land/New Temple/ New Shop Tower Dhavii by Dhavii 191156
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