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Vocation balancing

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2014-08-02 #12846
Feel free to post your ideas about this or add your own ones.
I am doing this because there is a huge gap between the vocations, which most of the players have already noticed.
Since Admin stated that they are working on a new patch, we could help.
So my ideas are the following:

Crafted Blades damage reduced from 100% to 70%. ( I don't think it's fair that tanks weapon deal the same damage as the weapons of the damage dealers)
Adding a new shield, so we become more tank again, with 18% protection (Could be a crafted one which we need to recharge, i don't really mind). *Edit: Make it so that we can't use 2 crafted items, so we have to choose if we want to put out more damage or take less damage.

Add like 7% protection to the bow, so they won't be extremely vulnerable when using it, because at the moment I don't see any point to use it, yes it may have a slow effect but it doesn't really pay off with 0% protection, you just die to fast.

I would like to see 2 different kinds of death caps, one for sorcerers and one for druids. Both would still have the 15% protection, however the Sorcerers one will keep the 15% damage bonus and the druids one on the other hand will have about 5%, so there is a difference between the pure damage dealer, and the support one with damage.

Druids spell:
Decrease the damage buff to about 15-25%. ( Admin would have to do some tests what is the most fitting)
Enable the crowd control again ( freeze etc.) however, when they gain a certain rebirth they will gain the ability to withstand the crowd control.
My thoughts are like this:
Rebirth 1000 -> Can be crowd controlled all the time.
Rebirth 1200 -> Can be crowd controlled after 1 second.
Rebirth 1300 -> Can be crowd controlled after 2 seconds.
Rebirth 1500 -> Can't be crowd controlled for the whole duration of the immune ( 3 seconds)

Please do not flame on this thread, it's whole purpose is to find a good balance between all vocations, so if you have a good idea post it in a good manner, same goes for criticism.

Yours sincerely,

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2014-08-02 #12847
Had some discussion with Gollum before he posted this thread. (Don't get me wrong, all ideas are his).
We did have some despites and all but we did agree that the Vocations are a bit unbalanced.

I can say that I do agree on most things. Though I think the Druid spell might be an issue to make it suitable. But it would make it a little more even among the Vocations.
I cannot discuss that much about all the Vocations, except Druids and Knights.
But after seeing what a Druid could accomplish during one freeze against a Rebirth 1700 Knight, a change is indeed necessary.

The only thing about Gollums ideas is that a Vocation might just "switch seat" and become the new "abusive class" instead of making it fair. So please take your time before you launch this new patch.

I have to go for the moment but I do have some ideas too that I think it's suitable that I'd like to add.
I'll do it when i get time =)
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2014-08-02 #12848
Good Idea


exori hur gran mas the spell take from player Health 30 % @ Mana 60 % u can fix it to take 20 % from Health @ 30 % from mana


flurry of blades with New Pvp he was take 30 sec to can hit with him again now with new pvp he take only 8 sec tha'ts good and no need fix

Druids @ Sorcerer

mega mas flam @ exura immune mega mas flam its good and no need fix but exura immune now he is bad spell but i think druid now is good becouse the Crafted Death Wand @ fix Slow he was hit with much now i think u must to wait 5 sec to hit again

all my point is exori hur gran mas @ Slow Druid new some fix

Sorry if there is wrong words

Jack ^^
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2014-08-02 #12849
I wouldn't decrease the health and mana it takes from us, that would just make it to overpowered. (exori hur gran mas)
Also i wouldn't apply any changes to the slow rune, just my personal thinking, because they actually have to pay tokens for it so they can't "spam" it anyway and they get a small exhaust on their attack spells, so it is a good supportive rune.
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2014-08-02 #12851
nova sio is kind of overpowered as well, I left my paladin with 1% hp and life and it healed 98% of both with one 480 reb druid. Also of course I didnt tryed hard to kill him, but only freezing, and using mega spell + extreme rune was not enough to kill that same druid. Imagine after get the 1k reb spell :/
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2014-08-02 #12852
As far as I've heard they already downgraded the nova sio spell a bit.
Anyway I just tested the nova sio spell, it heals about 90% of the users maximum mana
Seems quite fair to me since they get exhaust on their immune spell, also they are not able to cast it on themself making it a supportive spell.
Decreasing it wouldn't be a good choice in my opinion.
Also keep in mind that the paladins and knights can heal each other too, without any cost or exhaust on their spells. ( Donate Uh heals pretty much)
Just my thoughts.
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2014-08-02 #12864
Dislike it if a guy used this shield with a ulti armor would be op people like r ip wouldn't die .-.
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2014-08-02 #12867
Well as a counter against his crafted shield, you could use your crafted death caps, death wands and immune spells, not to mention slow.
He will still die fairly easy, yet be a bit more tank like we are supposed to be.
Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion.
Hoping Admin will take a look at this and gives his best to balance everything.
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2014-08-03 #12869
Quite funny that you took the 2nd highest knight as an example
How about we charge it like you charge the cape?
Basically make us work for it. Also I think you can kill R Ip even if he got those extra protections.

Also I'm like the only knight using the Cleaver Blade, how many knights do you think will use the shield?

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2014-08-03 #12870
i agree about dat shield, that fair with shield
cuz mage got helmet/wand, ek got sword/shield

pally have to use bow/legs but give him mm like extra damge like 5% more damge and 15% protect

Sorry Bad English.

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