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Upcoming Patch [a New Era]

GM Xerazx
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2014-08-05 #12972

Hey guys!

In this thread we would like to share and discuss with you our vision at the upcoming patch, this will include the current development plan, overall changes at the server and of course vocations balancing. Ask us questions about the content, share your comments, and make your requests.

PS: We have noticed that your conversation about vocations was already started at this Thread. So it's up to you to continue there or just engage into this one, both threads are followed. Ok Let's start!

Within the upcoming patch we will be focusing on several parts of the game at once, we wanted to make a change for all the players not only the highest one's also not limited to vocation balancing matters. So we had to start from scratch by changing the Hunting System and Questing Systems. Hunting in Xerazx-OTS is a motivational part since you gain more power each time you rebirth up, but we want to make it more than "just to get stronger" especially at the beginner rebirth stage (0-200 rebirth).

Hence, our plan is to add more options to hunt rather than sticking to a couple or triple type of monsters (Troll Champions and Dark Sorcerers)in order to make the hunting part is an enjoyable part of the game. Higher rebirths unlocks you a new hunting area and new monsters, e.g from 0-10 rebirths (Troll Champions and Dark Sorcerers) from 10-25 (Magma troll) also to erase the repetition part. One more point we are focusing on, is to decrease the effort a new player is taking to hunt, the issue is that Spawns are small one's but there are many of them, the amount of monsters in each spawn is not satisfied also you really have to make lots of roams between all the server spawns and teleports to rapidly level up. We want to decrease this sort of "Macro Hunting", so not every a couple of minutes (after you killed all the monster in a resp) you have to do the following steps Go to Temple -> Hunting Teleport -> Find another unequipped hunting teleport -> Kill the monsters and repeat again.

Too many options we actually had in mind to eliminate the Macro Hunting, but not most of them actually fitted into a Highexp server. However, we ended up with a suitable solution and we think it fits the server type, where spawns and hunting teleprots will be extremely expanded and the amount of monsters in each teleport will be incredibly increased, this will be more than a double or triple size amount of monsters. So once you entered a teleport you will find that it has the enough amount of monsters to get you the required level, to rebirth up without a need to find another unequipped hunting spot, you are no longer required to roam among the hunting teleports since the spawning time is going to be really fast, and the area is just big enough to carry more than 3 or 5 players. The amount of quests for low players will be significantly decreased and rewards will be united in lower amount of quests, also there going to be a bit of organization and rework on the items.

Let's move on the vocations part which is the interested one's to you. So, we have read your ideas and suggestions about the new spells, crafting items, all of them are actually good one's and can be implemented to the server after making few changes on it, however, we are also considering pushing a new part at the game play, which is "Being Rewarded for Playing Better". This is actually a too deep topic which we have been recently reading and gathering resources about at the online game development sections, but i will try to give you a small preview of how this sort of mechanism can be applied into Tibia. For example, the new knight spell "Exori Hur Gran Mas" always dealing an exact amount of damage (based on your rebirth) also costs the knight a constant amount of 30% health, we can apply the being rewarded for playing better mechanism into this spell by making the knight deals more damage based on the amount of missing mana (in case of a mage) or health in case of Knight or a Paladin and the cost remains constant, that way the good play will come when you use the spell against the target whenever it has a mana/health drop, this is the time where you can actually make an effective amount of damage and make a good play. Of course, the mentioned example is not what is going to be exactly implemented on the spell and not limited to this one only, but this was just a preview of how things would be changing so you can give us your comments and feedback and whether or not you will find it more attractive and interesting into this kind of game play or not.

Feel free to Ask us questions about the content, share your comments, and make your requests. We are waitinf for you!
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2014-08-05 #12973
we can speak of hunting

i know there is wells and she from 175 rebirth and next Darkness and Zerana and moronia from 750 and fungus from 850 and eternize from 1100 but i was think if there is hunt from 1000 / 1200 ..... why ?

becuse player from 1200 / 1300 / 1400 / 1500 / 1600 / 1700 is slow level and moroina or fungus or eternize no get good level for player of high rebs ..

or admin will be nice if u back real exp of top arena u are free

lets speak now of Exori Hur Gran Mas spell 1000 rebirth of knight

he realy need fix ... why ??

he take from player health 30 % and from mana 60 % if any one hit his enemy with spells 2 hits and the another person give to him freeze and some mega he will dead u can fix it to be take from player 15 % from health and 20 % from mana .....

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2014-08-05 #12974

As a rebirth between 0-10, Troll Champions are better because they have lesser HP and you're able to one-shot them.
Usually I tell players to get rebirth 50 before they focus on Dark Sorcerers (Castles). Because of the spells.
Will the Dark Sorcerers be edited to fit 0-10 "rebirthers"?

And those Magma Trolls, will those spawns be better than Castles?
Will you change the monsters in Castles or stick to the same?


I'd like to see some Daily Quests for the higher rebirths. Atm we just level, PK or stand afk like retards.
It's like an routine and we act like zombies.

One example for "daily quests" would perhaps be to kill creatures at Insect Quest.
1st "daily quest" could be killing an special amount of Lady Bugs, then the next one another monster.
This might also trigger players to help new players that reached rebirth 1000 with the Quest, and want the item.
It could also be to require an special item within or near any of the current chests.
(Personally I hate looting items from monsters so I don't want that kind of "daily" xD But I think it will be more fun so I don't mind that either).

Also another example for a daily quest could be to kill the bosses in Thanatos.

The reward could be items, such as exp eggs, soul orbs, extreme runes, MDC etc etc. And exp if possible.
Not anything abusive but atleast something that rewards you for doing everything.

A "Daily Quest" is a task that resets everyday. I don't know if it's suitable but perhaps you can add some sort of NPC and when you finish the last daily at a certain NPC you recieve an items that enables you to start it over or something.

Also you could enable raids to the city again with a daily quests so even the low rebirths can enjoy it.

I'm not a gamer guy but this is what I used to fall for in other games. Something that keeps you moving and enjoying more than one thing ingame when you're tired of the other features.


I think the players got good ideas in the other post. And since you haven't launched the patch yet, it's hard to say anything atm.
But I do like the ideas you're thinking of

Other things:

Perhaps one thing I want to see is some upgrades on the pets. Back in 8.6 these pets had a huge benefit in pk fights. Perhaps upgrading the pets will make the "pk-game-play" boring but tanking pets would be cool in Quests.
Asian Potatos
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2014-08-05 #12976
You could make it so you get a lot more exp for killing people based on their rebirth? Make it so you also a lot more levels when you die, one of the reasons i've stopped playing is because of the endless wars and whoever gets bored first "loses" and the other team is like nooooooooooobz. Also make a spell for maybe sorcerers, where they reduce healing to the target by 50% for like 4 seconds, and make it have a 20 second cooldown. So maybe then we actually have a chance of soloing pallies/knights just like druids can these days. Also for druids/sorcerers, you should make it so their exori mort gran doesn't exhaust their healing, its basically a mega vis that takes 25% of your mana and makes you unable to heal for 3 seconds ish. Give druids a aoe heal, which only heals their guild. Give each vocation a special "passive", for example for pallies it could be something like 10% increased chance to get a critical strike. Sorcerers could have a 1% chance to deal double damage with a spell. Knights could have something like, while frozen they shield themselves and 25% of the damage their attackers do bounces back to them. Druids could have a 1% chance to heal 3x as much. These are just examples.
Make a palladin spell, which is a slowly moving projectile which is 1 sqm, and it deals 5% more damage each square it travels, up to 25% more damage. At 1 sqm it doesnt do any damage.
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2014-08-05 #12977
I agree about the endless wars, but what if you're leveling?
Personally I need to spend hours to get 1 rebirth, and if players come to kill me while I pk I'd waste hours just to lose levels.

Also about the Mort Strike, have in mind that you dont have an exhaust on the spells while Knights and Paladins have it. I don't own a Sorcerer but as a Druid I don't see an issue with the exhaust.

This is just my oppinion ofc.
The others ideas are pretty good though!
Death Angel
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2014-08-05 #12982
Please answer request Id : 4438
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2014-08-05 #12985
Looking foward to this new update!

I have to say on this last update this new "anti bot system" its really annoying, I saw that other players felt the same way, its a nice way to stop anti idlers though.

Anyway, I do play as paladin because when I start in any server I do check the highest players vocations, but I do feel that paladins are underpowered I remember when in global tibia, they used to be high dmgers but really weak, here they are just weak, I know I dont pvp that much but I can notice that paladins strugle against any other vocation.

I've read the vocation thread so maybe editing the client so players have a mana bar as well would be awesome?

Also I didnt have pvp that much lately and I know that we had some change in % that ult mr heals, but before that I noticed that the paladin healing was ridiculous, so maybe one new rune only for paladins based on its need would be great? A bit higher regen of mana and hp but decreasing paladins regen on ult mr and donate uh, just an idea though, dunno how fair is the regen those days.

About the gameplay (hunting and quests) I think our gameplay its ok till reb 500 at least, I gets repetitive after that since there is a few quests and the same monsters to kill, and after 1k it gets interesting for pvp, but at these days as riesen mentioned, we get a hard time to do the quests if we dont have a team. And some high rebirth players get advantage of that since there are a few that can do the "blocking and shotting" service. I liked Riesen's idea about the daily hunting, but there could be a few challengening quests for solo players after 1k+, not only team up quests. And as well as a lot of playeres complained last months, there are just a few options to reb up after 1k, and we have a big pool of 1k+ players that strugle to lvl up into those respawns.

Bosses dont get interesting in higher levels as well, at least not for me, it takes like 10~~ minutes for me to kill hellgorak he's the 700 rebirth boss using some extreme runes, penguin and mega holy (with full set including ultra armor) and drops like 1 egg, maybe 2 if I'm lucky, I cant spend that much time for like 2 eggs, so maybe a rethink on bosses for higher rebs would be nice too.

Also I know this the europe server, but I do think that a event that War Arena should be on saturday not on friday, in my case thats the exacly moment when I'm leaving from work to my house so, like the guild war, it should be on weekend so the timezone does not affect anyone.

Ultra rich boots having only 10% of protect its pretty lame too, it should have 12% at least since you can only wear one piece, it should at least protect as much as one reb 80 boots but with the return.
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2014-08-05 #12986
Finally, u care about the Exori Hur Gran Mas we was really need this Feedback_______ and Thanks any way
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2014-08-06 #12997
The druid spell no longer works thanks to the whiners, I hope in this update it fixed again and they can do whatever they want with the other spell

sorry bad english am not gringo.

By: Oscar
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2014-08-06 #12999
what about Cast Features ?

!cast on
!cast off

With Message Hide..
because maybe some write their info to other friends without know they are in cast.

And the new ppl gonna know how the pvp going on ...etc

Hope Yours Like It

Yours Mohamed,

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