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  Changelog Thread GM Xerazx by GM Xerazx 6211659
  Summer 2017 Update Bug Reports CM Jean by Panini Loves Butts 171535
  Xerazx-OTS Comics - Make your own comic. CM Jean by Mr Leon 625936
  Sever Status Thread GM Xerazx by GM Xerazx 0922
  How to start a Smart thread? CM Jean by Riesen 21053
  [New] Forum Ranks GM Xerazx by Captain Powerz 4112772
  I have a simple request. Sithmaster by Unknown Ghost 1104
  times when you loved playing Xerazx ots Luxex by Riesen 7438
  I need help recovering my account Totaloverdose by Unknown Ghost 1166
  Cant log "Account name or password is inccorect" Unknow Mario by Unknow Mario 0201
  CANT LOG IN !!! Dein Vater by Unknow Mario 4550
  Strongest class atm? Zenderks by Scrub 1300
  Houdaaa Armoshh by Armoshh 0192
  Good prank, but 1st April was 3days ago Riesen by Riesen 361638
  Houses Fiftey by Fiftey 1298
  client wont work with win 8 Ms R Ip by Redemik 2235
  Change Crazy Dude by Riesen 1290
  where's my house ? Fiftey by Riesen 1273
  About Rebirths Thiago Freire by Riesen 3388
  Rezemy quest Thiago Freire by Riesen 1436
  BOSSES?? Micke P by Riesen 1432
  just saying xd Sariel by Riesen 2341
  Exp Ring ISSUE!! Death Rush by Old Powerzc 2467
  Public Beta Server is Live! CM Jean by Asian Potatos 383224
  Jailsystem fcked up Violent Vikke by Violent Vikke 0298
  accidentally used Mana Increast dust Sirpasko by Sirpasko 0356
  Give us a little Feedback guys! CM Jean by Marko Senju 1125497
  Magician Giant blocking teleport to bribe for MDC Useless Knight by Useless Knight 0521
  Abou Alby blocking teleports Useless Knight by Nerf 1553
  Death Mally blocking public spawns Druidion by Death Rush 1516
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