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Happy new year

CM Jean
Posts: 1030
2014-01-02 #6958
lol Riesen Ice skating is one of things i wish to do at my life for even once, but actually i've never done it before. Maybe i will give it a try next year or so :P

I spent my holiday on visiting my family members and did some small celebration with them, was a quite nice time tho.
Seniour Tutor
Posts: 2176
2014-01-02 #6973
You should try it! =) According to me it's a life experience and it's pretty fun too! (even though it takes a day to learn it, xD) But besides that, SUPER FUN! =)

Nice =) This is the first time I celebrate the new years eve without my family / relatives and actually kind of missed the "feeling". Personally I think this is a family-occation. But I got this "trip" as a present so I couldnt decline it.

Happy new year to you too ! =)

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