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[TUTORIAL] VIP Quest Guide

CM Jean
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2013-06-17 #2229
Hello Everyone,

In this tutorial you will find how to make The VIP set Quest.

1- Go to the third ship at Xerazx-City (north west of the temple) and speak with Captain Scout.

2- After sailing you will be teleported into the The Scout Lands, there you will find Scout Master NPC, speak with him and ask for Vip Set.

3- Start collecting the required items to obtain the VIP set by Killing & Looting the monsters on the Scout Lands.

4- Only 1 item will be missing and it's golden hyena pendant, you will loot this item from a boss called Jaul find the teleport which leads you to him.

5- After you have collected the whole required items to obtain the VIP set go back and speak with Scout Master and re ask for him Vip Set.


Now you have done the quest.

For any questions , suggestions feel free to just post below this post.

Kind Regards,
Community Manager.
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2013-06-17 #2230
Last Norton
Posts: 4
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2013-06-18 #2249
It's The Best Server xD
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2013-06-25 #2684
donate 400 points and I yegaron
Kings Of Leon
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Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2013-06-29 #2767
In The Scout Lands are many crashes. My character crashed many times there and one time I was killed...
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2013-06-29 #2777
i can't found any items another the eye
Ghost Sniper
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2013-07-01 #2942
i need sell rich boot for 300eggs i have 3

Cripp Azzz
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2013-12-17 #6449
Every time i try to find the boss in this quest and i get to the deepling workers my game crashes and will continue crashing until my character has died. Admin can this be fixed as soon as possible thanks.
Seniour Tutor
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2013-12-17 #6458
Everyone got the same issue =/
I can tell you now that you need to find a teleporter to locate the boss. And you shouldnt get disconnected there. It's by the "underwater ruins". '
And the crash-location seems to be at a place without ruins/stone floor etc
Auto Powerz
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2013-12-20 #6638
When you reach the boss you will get debug..

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