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Tutorial - Mounts Donator Program

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2014-03-23 #8894
How to get the special mounts!

The Xerazx staff has now offered a reward for players that donate or has donated! 5 new exclusive mounts!
WARNING (payments older than 31 Aug 2013 are not counted.).
When you unlock them, they're for free, just redeem them and enjoy them ingame!

- Shadow Raptor, Purchase a total of 2500 points or more to unlock.

- Thronfire mount, Purchase a total of 6000 or more to unlock.

- Red Manta, Purchase a total of 15000 or more to unlock.

Steelbeak, Purchase a total of 25000 or more to unlock

- Fire War Horse, Purchase a total of 50000 points to unlock.

(some players already have the Fire War Horse from an earlier offer at Xerazx).

How do I redeem them?

Step 1:

Open the website, https://highexp.eu/news/ and click on login (look at picture).

Step 2:

Login to your account!. (picture)

Step 3:

When you login, a "Hey you!" box will appear (picture). Click on 'Clicking here' to continue and reedem a reward.

Step 4:

Now you can see which mounts that's available. The mounts that's says unlocked, you're able to redeem and the ones that's 'locked' , you haven't unlocked yet. (donate more to unlock)
Have in mind that you can only choose one of each mount.

Hope you enjoy this Tutorial and also the mounts! I know I do =)

Cya ingame!''

Edit* I just learn that the Egyptians may have some issues with the unlocking since the staff do the payments manually. If you would have any issues unlocking, just make a post here.
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2014-03-23 #8896
nice tutorial
keep going
- Stich -
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2014-03-24 #8897
:C no pude obtener ninguno
Seniour Tutor
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2014-03-24 #8925
Just got a confirm that Admin will work on some sort of fix regarding the egyptian payments.
(issues with the unlocking)
Hopefully it will take 48 before a fix. Be patient
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2014-04-28 #9794
Nice tutorial Riesen
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