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  Xerazx-OTS 2018 Follow-up Patch GM Xerazx by Naruto Mage 91371
  Xerazx-OTS 2018 Patch GM Xerazx by Hellgorak 41784
  Summer 2017 Update CM Jean by Melaina 132817
  Experience the updated Game Engine! CM Jean by Old Powerzc 92976
  If you are failing to Login Server! GM Xerazx by Sr Dragon 21682
  Say Hello to Siri! GM Xerazx by Mestar Tarek 162772
  Merry Christmas Xerazains! CM Jean by Doory 294599
  Summer 2015 Update! CM Jean by - Protect - 11310094
  The horror begins - Happy Halloween! CM Jean by Bety Panini 182530
  Public Test Server is now live! GM Xerazx by Im Black Widow 102586
  Major Update - Summer 2013 GM Xerazx by Sorcerer Boom 3834278
  Merry Christmas Xerazains! CM Jean by Andreus 436442
  Double Exp 23 - 28 November & Few Changes GM Xerazx by Pieroo The Legend 71714
  Major Update - Summer 2014 GM Xerazx by Dolcika 173502
  New Mounts & Bug Fixes CM Jean by Minatous 72362
  Happy Halloween & Redeem Halloween Packages ! CM Jean by CM Jean 11794
  Join The Spike Ground Arena ! [#2] & Map Update CM Jean by Ahmad Koko 72040
  Test Server Announcment CM Jean by Dominate Ii 313888
  PvP Improvements GM Xerazx by Snowballs 173280
  Technical Maintenance GM Xerazx by Fiftey 676027
  Capture The Flag Event [Update #3] GM Xerazx by Rondorumo 233672
  In Game Pictures Contest CM Jean by Pieroo The Legend 193728
  The Update is Finally Here! GM Xerazx by Fiftey 515650
  Upcoming Major Update ! CM Jean by Arisaka 305511
  Merry Christmas ! GM Xerazx by Arisaka 144271
  Guild War Event [Update] CM Jean by Riesen 132732
  Happy Halloween & Redeem Halloween Packages ! GM Xerazx by Alric 41394
  Welcome to The Eternize [Update #2] GM Xerazx by Sirion 133088
  Join The Spike Ground Arena ! CM Jean by Riesen 82747
  Visit the New Zerana ! GM Xerazx by Proomise 72250
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