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Summer 2017 Update

CM Jean
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2017-08-31 #22878

Hey Xerazains,

Welcome to Xerazx-OTS Summer 2017 Update - This update we are bringing various changes to the game, new content, and definitely PvP changes. Our objective is to transform the game into something that is self-healing, self-competiting, and continuous challenging game-world, either on the PvP side or the actual game content.

Table of Content

Laravel Quest & Hunting Island

Laravel island is our new island on Highexp, we took our time to create a mixture of both hunting and quest area with bosses, puzzles, and various other challenges. Laravel took enough time from us to be fully comprehensive island with rich and rewarding content to its visitors. In order to access the island, you have to be at least 1500 rebirths, you may choose to hunt there without accessing the quest zones of the island, or you may choose to proceed with your team and rush the quest!

Please note that if you have completed the Laravel's quest, you are not allowed to post public spoilers about the quests on forums unless at least 30 days have passed after the update release.

Merton hunting area

Merton is another new hunting area which is accessible from players who are higher than 1500 rebirths. Super Lizard Chosen are living there and they deal noticeable amount of damage, keep caution while hunting there or there might be an enemy who catch you up and end your life! Merton is exclusive for Premium players at the Premium Hunting Room.

NEW Tasks

First off, we are updating the Tasks Manager NPC to offer choices between multiple or more tasks to each player, also player can now choose between multiple tasks. Player is also able to know the reward in advance. Task progress is now shown in player's chat window. Also, we are adding 5 new tasks for players higher than 1800 rebirths.

Items durability system

This update we wanted to create a new important currency which cannot be easily looted or botted, we also thought of creating a universal currency that everyone will need yet driven by a reaslistic need. The new durability system is attached to all of the Rich and Ultra items in the game, basically your item will start with 100% durability and start decreasing as long as your character is being damaged by either monsters or players. In order to encourage the reality of the system, the decrease ratio is based upon the amount of damage you are receving from other targets, so standing against a high rebirth player is relatively more damaging to your set than another average rebirthed player. Once an item durability has dropped to 0, it will be transformed into rusty item, however, it can be repaired for ceratin amount of repair tokens (more on how to find it will be written below) through NPC Nelson Brandon located at temple +1.

White Rabbits and Naughty Squirrel areas

White Rabbits and Naughty Squirrels are two new cute monsters which you should be hunting using unique spell which only affcets them Purity of Glory the two new areas are located at temple+1. White Rabbits drop repair tokens which can be used to repair your rusty rich and ultra items. Naughty Squirrels drop acorns which can be exchanged with NPC Donny Stanton (temple+1) for Soul Orbs.

Death Loss and Mega Blessings

Historically, players could only go up but not down, or actually a very limited downgrade. We are changing this mechansim to fit with the new Retro Hardcore PvP gameworld type. Players will now lose rebirths upon dying at low level.

  • Players will now lose rebirths if there last death was in a low level which is near to their previous rebirth maximum level.
  • Overall death penalty has been increased.
  • Mega blessings command have been disabled, however, the Mega blessings still obtainable through NPC Ramzey Clifton located at his own island which is reachable through Josie Sydney's ship (north temple ship, +1 Captain Kay's). There are five blessings, each bless will significantally reduce your death penalty and it costs 5 MDCs.

range; font-weight:bold;">Caution! The Mega bless island is non-protection zone, this may cause traps to exists and hunting down enemies.

Retro Hardcore PvP World

Retro Hardcore PvP is our new world type which brings both competitive and exciting gameplay when it comes to the PvP part of your gameplay, we wanted to make the battles rewarding for every particpant. This comes through the new gameworld type. Now you gain heterogeneous amount of XP for killing other players!

  • You only gain experience if you kill a character whose rebirth multiplied with 1.1 and rounded down to the next whole number is higher than your own level. Example for a rebirth 40 killing characters of rebirth 36, 37 and 38:
        36 x 1,1 = 39.6 rounded down to 39, 39 less than 40 = no experience points.
        37 x 1,1 = 40.7 rounded down to 40, 40 = 40 = no experience points.
        38 x 1,1 = 41.8 rounded down to 41, 41 > 40 = experience points.
  • If you kill the same character more than once during a server cycle (resets daily at 5:00 AM CEST), the experience you gain decreases as follows: 1st kill = 100% of the XP the victim lost upon death*, 2nd kill = 90%, 3rd kill = 70%, 4th kill = 60%, 5th kill = 50%, 6th kill and henceforward = you will not gain XP anymore for killing this character during this server cycle.
  • If a group of players kills another player, the XP will be distributed among all who dealt damage depending on the amount of damage each of them dealt.

PvP Changes

Knights are receving decent buff, Sorcerer's receving new spell, and changes to Admin SD.
  • Knights have always sustained the tank personality in the game, within this update we are showing another dimension of Knights as both tank and strong melee warrior you have to avoid staying nearby for long period of time. From now on, Knight weapon (either Rich or Ultimate) will be dealing up to 45% bonus damage upon constant damage dealing to the target for consquent periods of 5 to 10 seconds, at 5 seconds Knight will transform into Orc Berserker gaining boost to his weapon and and Exori hur gran mas by 20% bonus damage, at 10 seconds Knight will transform into Deathstrike increasing the previous boost to 45% instead of 20%. If the target clipped away for a fraction of second, this effect will restart. In short, you better not stay for long beside a Knight anymore, he becomes really angry
  • Sorcerers are supposed to be the highest damage dealers on the server, they have been forgotten for a while and it seemed that Druids have dominated the stage after their unique Hulk spell. Sorcerers are receving new spell Deception of Perfection, casted by typing mage surge. which will cause massive amount of damage to all players in the screen, this spell can be stacked with various spells and runes and it can be casted as a base setup for a complete mage rage. Basically, cast the mage surge, engage into the fight, and follow up with either Admin SD or Extreme runes as the situation eeds. This spell is available from 1000 rebirth and costs 50% mana.
  • Admin SD have been a point of debate since the last update, it has been exponentially scaling with magic level which granted mages huge opportunity of dealing massive amount of damage at the cost of being idle training magic level; we are chaning this by making Admin SD a finite resource instead of infinite one, this means that Sorcerers will have to create Admin SD using their new spell adori mega mort which will cost 25 souls and can be casted at 1000 rebirths or higher. Please note that in order to create Admin SD a blank rune is require in your Sorcerer's hand which can be purchased from NPC Lena Cholmondeley (temple+1).

Other Changes

  • Players will now gain 1% bonus exp for each online member in their guild.
  • 1000 Premium Points quest have been changed to 900 rebirths and monsters have been update accordingly.
  • Added new exp stage for 2000 rebirth players.
  • Zugurosh no longer drops raid tokens and farewall to Raid Changer NPC.
  • Soul orbs can be collected from Squirrels, it's no longer dropped by the monsters, also all soul orbs have been removed from the game.
  • NEW: Exp Injections are now there to give you 24 hours of bonus exp, it is stackable which means you may use more than one to add more days of bonus exp to your character.
  • Double Exp ring no longer gives double exp.
  • Knights and Paladins Rich weapons have been buffed and they are now scaling with each vocation skill, sword for knights, distance for paladins. Mages Rich Wand have received slight damage buff as well, however, it does not scale with any of their skills.
  • Rebirths now has cost with MDC, the cost differs based on the player's rebirth.
  • Ultimate Weapons damage scale with both distance for paladins, sword fighting for knights, and by rebirth for all vocations.
  • Zombie winner now receives +35 Acorns, +35 Repair Tokens + 500 Premium Points instead of 300.
  • Firestorm winner now receives +35 Acorns, +35 Repair Tokens + 500 Premium Points instead of 300.
  • Race winner now receives +35 Acorns, +35 Repair Tokens + 800 Premium Points instead of 300.
  • CTF winners team now receives: +40 Acorns, +40 Repair Tokens in addition to the old reward.
  • War Arena Event is now limited to one player per IP Address to prevent MC abuses.
  • !broadcast now costs 50 Premium Points per message to avoid spams and using this message for valued broadcasts only.
  • New NPCS:
        Donny Stanton: Exchange your acorn for soul orbs.
        Lena Cholmondeley: Purchase runes required to create Admin SDs.
        Josie Sydney: Sail you to the Mega Bless Island.
        Ramzey Clifton: Mega Blessings NPC, can be reached through Captain Kay’s ship. Upstairs you will find captain Josie Sydney, she will sail you to Ramzey’s island. Caution is a non-protection zone area!
        Nelson Brandon: Repair your rich and ultra items.

New Shop Items

  • New Ulimate Weapons have been added; those are the strongest weapons in the game scaling by both rebirth and skills of each player with custom and unique animation.
  • New Exp Injections which will give you bonus experience for 24 hours.
  • Venompaw Mount
  • Shock head
  • Glooth Glider
  • Slacier Vagabon
  • Highland Yak
  • Tundra Rambler
  • Exclusive four new mounts for Premium Accounts Poisonbane, Woodland Prince, Winter King, and Walker.

Special thanks to players Marko Senju and Dhavii for their maps contribution during the Summer 2017, many thanks.

Thanks for tuning into the Xerazx-OTS Summer 2017 Update. We looking forward to seeing you in the game. For any bug reports please post them directly into this thread on our forums. You may also contact us for any other critical bug reports or inquiries.

Kind Regards,
Xerazx-OTS Team.
CM Jean
Posts: 1030
2017-08-31 #22880
White Rabbits and Naughty Squirrels now drop 3x of items instead of 1x. Monsters count have been boosted to 30 instead of 15 as well.
Asian Potatos
Posts: 421
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-08-31 #22881
Glad to see none of the feedback from the feedback thread was taken in.
CM Jean
Posts: 1030
2017-08-31 #22886
Originally Posted by Asian Potatos

Glad to see none of the feedback from the feedback thread was taken in.

We would haven't started the feedback thread if our intentions were to discard all of it. We got what we wanted and implemented the changes on the way it fits, we cannot copy paste players ideas to make them satisfied, sometimes players satisfaction is a short term even after we copy pasted their ideas into the game. You should try out the complete update, give us proper feedback if you want to support the effort we gave for this update to make it happen, and as always we are open for changes.
CM Jean
Posts: 1030
2017-08-31 #22887
Repair cost is now 50x repair tokens per item instead of 300, also the durability of items has been boosted to last 3 times longer.
Panini Loves Butts
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Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-09-01 #22893
"You should try out the complete update...." Hard to try out without items can you fix my items back????
CM Jean
Posts: 1030
2017-09-01 #22894
Originally Posted by Panini Loves Butts

"You should try out the complete update...." Hard to try out without items can you fix my items back????

We are looking into this issue.

UPDATE: Purity of glory spell now only deals damage if you manage to hit the monster with its 1st square, however, the damage has been increased to 2 millions instead of 1, which means upon 3 successful hits you will be able to kill either White Rabbit or Naughty Squirrel.

Naughty Squirrel loot has been increased to be up to 7x acorns instead of 3.
Old Powerzc
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Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-09-01 #22896

- madara - rebirth 1275 sorcerer gets me down full mana with 1 spell bcz i become rusted, staff gonna say go repair it.... but what you don't know that he took down shield was 26% and helmet was 14% ultra boots almost 30% to 0 within 5-6mins i was using small basin to recover my mana fast.
TBH, durability gonna make whole server stay pz no more fights beside losing rebirths..
losing rebirth is good but durability rly bad idea ye i didn't test it in real action? and ill never do it bcz in "test" we got wiped by 1275 what about real action so it's useless to try it.
once i lost my legs and armor - madara - killed me solo 1 freeze which means rich its become completely useless once it change into rusty item.
Also, going to hunt gonna require to have like bp of repair tokens so u can go on and recharge ur items so u don't die..
you guys should think to improve server not to kill it seriously....
i used to like this server and many others thats why all of them return sometimes after long term retirement but this time it gonna be hard, old pvp system before update was much better u could only put new weapons just like crafted and add new quests instead of changing whole system and destroying it. our problem long time ago that we loot ORBs now we have to loot orbs and buy blank runes to change it into Admin sd which needs 20 blank rune cost 1 mdc which u take almost 1-3min to loot it from high bosses.
which more importantly u keep them for bless and traveling...
and at last u get like 100 ADmin sd for war suddenly u lose all ur admin sd, and forced to use "mega spell" which are nothing i deal 4% on mr action..
admin doesn't want us to bot but making looting acorns so hard u have to act genius. does staff think we only have in our whole life "xerazxot" its fun game like Gm xerazx said it many times, "ik u dont only play this game sure he does play other ot or LOL or he has life outside to work and earn money for his future". u gotto work and think about all this u kept absent for 3-4 months bcz u had real life or whatever u had u both cm and gm.. but when u started to make update u forgot all these and focused how to kill server
this ideas u made are really good but doesn't fit server
even tasks i need to finish quest of 1500 which i need someone to help me in it like gollum or high reb ek and i cant use MC bcz staff might catch me and ban me.
think about "real update" not something put it to people ok now you have update gtfo, na think positive please
Lord Louis
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Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-09-01 #22897
Great update honestly however the durability system is a bit too much for a server as highexp , you want alot of action and pvp but with this system its gonna be hard for ppl to battle because they know they have to repair. And as of the admin sd I think you should make it infinite again because it will resault in the same situation and durability for armor. Just make admin sd scale for rebirth which actually makes sense.

- Louis
Posts: 2
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-09-02 #22901
Figured out an bug with the new update, I logged on my knight D W I and killed some people like always. I created an new sorcerer since they got the new spells etc and realised that it didnt said "4kills on D W I but on my sorcerer instead even that I didnt killed anyone with my sorc. Idk if this is meant be I do not think so at least, if it is a bug, fix it!

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