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If you are failing to Login Server!

GM Xerazx
Posts: 541
2013-03-11 #264
For all players kindly use our CUSTOM CLIENT in order to login to the server, using the regular Tibia Client with IP Changer might not work for some countries for now.

Download The Custom Client From Here


You may use this server IP into your IP changer instead of Highexp.eu

Second Server IP: Xerazxot.zapto.org

Kind regards,
Xerazx-OTS Community Managers.
Pieroo The Legend
Posts: 1122
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2013-07-21 #3413
Admin actually xerazx have 3 IP adresses. Xerazxot.zapto.org,Highexp.eu and Forgotten.no-ip.org
Sr Dragon
Posts: 1
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2017-01-27 #22448
I can not log in the tibia with this ip and neither with the laucher
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