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what about ignore me !!!!!!!!!!!!

R Ip
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2014-02-09 #7952
what about ignore me why admin / cm didn't answer me yet ?!
chose one answer from this :
1- scared from old powerz and autolux ?!
2- didn't found answer's ?!
3- old powerz he is rl friend with the admin and admin heard only for him ?!
4 - old powerz did't care about any one / when admin care about him and can't answer me for him ?!
5- old powerz is work with admin like dealer ?!

what are you think about me good man or bad man or nothing ?!
why i took band 14 day's and i didn't seen/heard that someone took like this band for like this reason ?!

i think it cuz that ( i waste here like 2 year's didn't seen /heard about some one took band 1 day for like that reason or like use bot or be afk or be any thing like me this wtf reason come only for my fucken character name only ?!! after waste 2 year's here lol ) Wonderful, these laws disappear when all you want and when you want with an endorsement and we do not object to receive either note that we intercepted two or three of you are showing us and justify all the mistakes that ride in our rights to express what I do not know about your actions ) ?!

why didn't answer me when i post pic show for you that i lose ul mr with another player and too meany ppl say to me admin sure will back it and i am wait admin or cm for help but nothing done yet
why if someone you sure that he wont leave the server you make him have a bad felling ?!
are you want lose ppl's or what and what and what i have too meany Questions i want the answer

when i talk with you ( admin ) before i talk about how we must have helper's online 24/7 now this is very good idea and you'r server good than before i am not talk like who The invention dictate you or anything like that it is simple I am talking with you always about the public interest and I hope to see justice and pleasure in every moment with you, but when you steal my first noticed you willful default where I'd have paid the price for you ( full rich set ) This means that between you and me email can it make sure and ensure that this person is the same may pay you but you did not take account of something like this and you my load error did not help me retrieve my account once again did not help me anything for anyone in my position would leave and curse the game or there are many people had their opinion as well, but I did not do it for another reason in order to prove to the thief I do not Broke this image and also to defend my right to myself because I do not leave my right to direct the important thing
Do not you think that the lack of help to the way I expect that you are short a promising account held with ease to my mind I had the Bank want to pull more money and this belief also started playing on a new account without rich set i was use admin set from 1 reb to be 900 reb at 1 week with this admin set Did you know that was my first account about the knight character was 832 rebirth and when start at new account i got 900 reb at 1 week Did you know
Old Powerz
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2014-02-09 #7953
r ip,

i don't know if admin going to answer this post or no, but if you got any prove that admin helps me or i help him say it otherwise put a dirty shoes in your mouth.

Auto Powerz, asked me autolux is botting i told him i really don't know you can check him, like rule says he need reply within 15 min after it u can contact admin to take his action Auto Powerz said ok thanks, then he message autolux but autolux didn't reply for 15 min and i didn't call him irl life because i rememberd what happened with you, so i told auto powerz if he didn't reply message admin i guess he did message admin but admin wasn't active nor cm so he jailed him as warn. auto powerz has no power for banish.
R Ip
Posts: 251
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2014-02-09 #7954
tack my finger at you'r ass and lie more and more and talk like the dog
no hope for you any good luck
R Ip
Posts: 251
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2014-02-09 #7955
i have seen when the admin send for you free points on the new server ( highexp.us )
you was beside me and u buy with this some exp eggs u give my rl friend there like 200 exp egg's or low than them and buy for you'r self too much and give me like 100 exp eggs for got 10 reb very fast to and buy house's for every one of us but i didn't took any pic's
and too meany ppl's didn't understand how old powerz get the same house at the ( eu / us ) server's so cuz i don't have any pic i can swear by allah this story is true and u can't swear by allh like me
Seniour Tutor
Posts: 2176
2014-02-09 #7957
Read the text in the red circles and you'll understand why you get banned so long

Have in mind that only Admin / Cm got the power the power to bann. So they decide what to do.

I dont say that they go by this system but this is usually how a staff works

1> Notation
2> Jail (can be more than one time)
3> Bann
4> Deletion

Like most others, people dont know how the bot rules works. Some might say that they agree to all terms when they create the account and should follow them but have in mind that the bot rule is really new.
And Autolux (sorry for using the old name all the time) hasn't been active lately so he's probably not aware of the rule. So he got a notation. But since he wasn't at the computer, he got jailed. But also another notation by me when he was jailed.
Hopefully he learnt his lesson and dont have to be banned.
Giving out banns to players ain't the funniest to do.

Anyway, read the red circles in the picture. If you dont understand the difference - I give up

Ps: you can also see in the pic that they're arguing Old Powerz, reason that you thought I was abusing even though the rule didnt exist back then. If Old Powerz knew the staff, wouldnt he just email them and ask them to bann me?
R Ip
Posts: 251
Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
2014-02-09 #7958
yes i am sure that he know the admin but admin will not heard or following him with any talk cuz if we make like this riesen paid with dollar or euro and R ip paid only one time for egy money so who will be the important who paid with euro or dollar so when old powerz need kick some one i think tthey will fucked him up and ignored him .

you'rs R ip
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