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My opinion in new updates to have som... Hammer Of Xerazx by Hortblade 4 Feedback 75
Urgent bug!!!! Master Dudu Ll by Hortblade 7 Bug Report 132
I have a simple request. Sithmaster by Redemik 2 Game-chat 171
Login Issue Sithmaster by Unknown Ghost 1 Support 110
Login inssue Fernandox by Sithmaster 1 Support 235
how to gain magic levels? Noddy by Panini Loves Butts 1 Support 165
I and my Dog- Sicilian Blademaster by Sicilian Blademaster 0 Real-Pictures 138
i cant go away Sicilian Blademaster by Sicilian Blademaster 0 Billing Support 91
Xerazx-OTS 2018 Follow-up Patch GM Xerazx by Naruto Mage 9 News 1325
Xerazain items Judah by Judah 3 Bug Report 191
times when you loved playing Xerazx ots Luxex by Riesen 7 Game-chat 494
Rebirth Takes 1 MDC Skrrt by Skrrt 2 Support 261
problem with client Zyzzek by Riesen 5 Support 272
@Old Powerz [Immune spell] Riesen by Old Powerz 11 Discussion 545
SERVER SCAMMED ME, PROOFS IN LINK Sacred Immortal by Unknown Ghost 1 Discussion 279
My account got deleted for no reason! Sacred Immortal by Sacred Immortal 1 Discussion 185
I need help recovering my account Totaloverdose by Unknown Ghost 1 Game-chat 208
jail Royal Of Fortune by Unknown Ghost 2 Support 320
login issue Sithmaster by Riesen 1 Support 311
promtion tp issue Sithmaster by Riesen 1 Support 199
hopefully someone can help me Underworld Lord by Riesen 1 Support 277
Can't login Svenska Knighten by Unknow Mario 4 Support 482
why can't I log into my account Dragger by Unknow Mario 2 Support 251
Can't login Potezny Mag by Unknow Mario 1 Support 260
Cant log "Account name or passwo... Unknow Mario by Unknow Mario 0 Game-chat 240
CANT LOG IN !!! Dein Vater by Unknow Mario 4 Game-chat 602
Banished Simon Bolivar by Unknown Ghost 2 Support 331
Buy Rich Items 1For 250 mdc Staff Hero by Luxex 1 Trade 287
Trap?? Pro Evil-angel by Pro Evil-angel 0 Support 254
fix this shit Pro Evil-angel by Riesen 1 Bug Report 279

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