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posted on Thu, Mar 03, 2016

Experience the updated Game Engine!


Today we are officially announcing an extremely rewarding outcome of our long-run of passive-updates; passive updates are those updates where we are mainly working off-stage i.e. without posting that we are actually working on something. These are technical updates which usually focuses on technical aspects, while players don't usually sense the outcome of these updates unless a more visionary thing has been rolled out (new content added to game or modification to existing ones), we believe that lag spikes were very noticeable during especially after the 9.80 major update, lags could ruin our best moments of the game, randomly happening lags were a disease that we have been curing out for over a year by now.

First off, we would like to give you a short preview of how different and kinda hard to maintain Highexp game engine. While the Open Tibia Servers community have a one unified open source game engine which is maintained by the open tibia community members (developers, server owners, etc), Highexp game engine relies on only the core of the OTS unified game engine. Since day one we have thought of creating this project we aimed for a cross border server, our ambition have driven us into a whole customization cycle which only fits our game server; while we were following up with with the technical updates done by the open source community to the unified game engine (the engine which basically every other OT is using, its a good engine actually and has decent contributors who maintain it), we always had to perform big adjustments to fit with Highexp performance requirements, Highexp has its own technical constraints to perform as good as any other simple OT. So by today and after all these passive updates we have reached a rewarding outcome by completely eliminating the lag spikes our server have randomly faced. Find below chart showing the Highexp game engine performance benchmark since its start.

Its not just traditional gaming experience we trying to provide, its both quality and uniqueness of gaming experience.

PS: Don't forget to check out the following Change Log regarding botters if you have recently became one of them ;)

Happy Gaming!
Xerazx-OTS Team.