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posted on Mon, Jun 06, 2014

Join The Spike Ground Arena ! [#2] & Map Update

Some men just want to watch the world burn! Fire will rain from the sky and Xerazx-OTS will descend into chaos! challenge your courage and your fighting skills. Boss monsters and nasty creatures will wait for you!

At the begging you will find the main city (xerazx city) map has been received a rework. Take a look at screenshots Here

The time of hiding is finally over. No retreat anymore, no surrender. Now, it is time to strike back at our enemies. Now, it is time to give them the shivers! Now, it is time to unveil the secret work of centuries. Now, it is time to demonstrate the power of the Spike!

Therefore, we decided to open the gates of our Spike as well and to grant everyone access who is willing to fight. If you want to do more for us than just fighting you are welcome to join our side and to help us fighting the mighty monsters.


June 27 - 2014, from 18:00 until 19:00 CEST approximately.


We will split up and summon monsters in different positions on the new area The Spike Ground. you will explore the area looking for the boss, but take care it's dangerous to be alone !

How to Join?

By typing !join, once the event start a broadcast message will be sent to the whole online server players.

What are the loots?

Each boss will be giving tons of experience beside different amounts of (Exp eggs, Merger Rune, Paralyze Rune, Reflection Rune, Mega Donation Coins ,Unique Backpack and Unique Tibia Dolls)!

How loots are shared?

We will add a mechanism to the game which will not only reward one single player for his courage but almost everyone who joins the fight against evil menaces such as The Evil Eye, Lost basher or Lost thrower, for example. Everyone who took an active part in the fight against the boss will get the chance to receive his own reward. So all damage dealers, all blockers, as well as players who supported the fighters with healing, will have the chance of an individual loot.

Once a boss is down, everyone who counts as an active member of the fighting

See you at the Spike Ground Arena!
Your Community Managers.