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posted on Sun, Oct 10, 2015

The horror begins - Happy Halloween!

While the year is slowly coming to an end, and nights are getting longer and colder, the dark forces are preparing to send one of their cruellest and most malevolent spirits to frighten all Xerazx-OTS warriors.

Now Xerazx-OTS Lands are threatened by the dark forces, keep an eye on "Mutated Pumpkin" it will be summoned at anytime between 31 October - 1 November, you may kill it and enjoy the loots or it may just escape from you. Further more the new reward system will be working on the Mutated Pumpkin. Those who took an active part in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded, for more information please review how loots were shared at the Spike Ground Arena Loot Sharing.

Surprise your friends with the new and exclusive mounts on the server this Harrowing by purchasing out the new Mounts collection of the Halloween festival on Xerazx-OTS. From now and for a limited time you will have access to the Halloween Shop where you can redeem these awesome gifts.

Halloween Shop Main Contents:

  • NEW Night Waccoon(Mount) for 1500 Premium Points.
  • NEW Glooth Grider(Mount) for 1500 Premium Points.
  • NEW Shadow Hart(Mount) for 3000 Premium Points.
  • NEW Shadow Hart (Mount) for 3000 Premium Points.
  • NEW The Hellgrip(Mount) for 3000 Premium Points.

Catch The Hallowen Hare at the Dreams Houses Island during the Halloween festival and obtain "The carrot of doom" - eat it, enjoy its taste and redeem the exclusive Venowpaw Mount during this year Halloween.

Please Note: that Halloween Shop offer will end on 15 November and it will not be available until the next year Halloween.

Be strong and enjoy your pumpkin soup!
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