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posted on Sat, Mar 03, 2018

Xerazx-OTS 2018 Follow-up Patch

Greetings Fellow Xerazains,

Following up on the previous patch, based on your feedback and our observastions, we are applying such changes to the game:
Table of Content

  • Buffed Frost Gazi and increased its HP.

  • Buffed Hell Overlord and increased its HP.

  • Frost Zuri now can be affected my ice damage.

  • Ultimate crossbow will now deal damage to all monsters instead of single target.

  • Demoon outfit has been fixed, enjoy your new outfit!

  • Hellgorak melee damage has been significantly reduced.

  • Man In The Cave melee damage has been significantly reduced.

  • Braindeath melee damage has been significantly reduced.

  • Leviathan melee damage has been significantly reduced.

  • Buffed Lava Golem damage.

  • 750 rebirth task changed from Mini Dragon to Lost Dragon.

  • Ultimate Manarune healing has been reduced by 2%.

  • Fixed hotkey equip in client.

  • Removed 1k point quest.

  • Traveling to Wells now costs 1 MDC instead of 1000 DC.

  • Any number of players can now enter the Challenger quest instead of the minimum 10 players constraint.

  • Added lever in shops to buy SD/Slow/Merger runes to make it handy and quick for supplements purchaes!

  • Removed captcha from rebirth NPC.

  • Fire Storm event now has 3 winners, first place will receive 250 premium points and 200 MDC, 2nd and 3rd will receive 50MDC each.

  • Changed magic wall to the old one (8.6 style) and fixed its timer issue.

  • Energy ring now gives 10% protection all.

  • Taunted players now will be able to see the target they are attacking.

  • Guzzlemaw and Frazzlemaw donation coins drop rate have been significantly increased.

  • Added !train on/off command.

  • Fixed conjuring extreme runes spell.

  • Paralyze rune exhaust had been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second, cooldown increased from 1 second to 10 seconds.

  • Utito tempo San animation had been reworked and boosted attack speed. This comes with 25% mana cost increase, and a bonus distance of 100 instead of 30.

  • Flurry of blades can be used while walking (that was implemented in last patch but was not published).

  • Utito Tempo mana cost had been increased from 100k mana to 30% mana.

  • [NEW] Icon will appear above battle list to see if you have utito tempo active or expired.

  • Uitto Tempo will no longer disable healing.

  • Uitto Tempo will will reduce Knight's defense by 20% and increase all forms of damage dealing by 20%.

  • Enhanced forum search by alot, also the searched keyword will be highlight and have a bigger font when you open the thread.

  • Removed the following items from the website game shop, (Admin set, VIP set, Pets, and Mega Spells).

  • Merge Rune cooldown increased from 2s to 10s./li>
  • Mage surge damage had been decreased and can be stacked with all attack spells.

  • Exura Immune cost had been reduced to 35% instead of 50%.

  • Nova Sio healing has been reduced to 15% of the caster maximum mana and mana cost increased to 30% instead of 25%.

  • Fixed !rebirth command where it was not taking cost.

  • Knight sword no longer hit area damage.

  • [NEW] Knights hp have increased by 20% and mana reduced by 60%.

  • Fixed grav vita timer.

  • Added NPC Rashid to buy VIP and Admin items for MDC (more items would be added in the future).

  • Added NPC Aruni in Premium Island to purchase VIP and Admin items for higher price in MDC than NPC Rashid. However, to unlock Aruni's services you have to acomplish certain set of tasks first.

See you in the game!
Xerazx-OTS Team.